Why NartGproject?


G-(it’s the initial of my name)-project

The founder

My friends call me Gioga.

I’m a young Italian. Pizza and mama in the heart.

Yes yes, art too.

Why should I purchase a work of art?

Many times I have experienced moments of absolute inspiration, trust, participation and connection with certain works of art. If one of my works has made you feel the same way, then it already belongs to you. In addition, each work has the password for the Atelier and for the benefits for the project members.

I like the artwork and I believe in you. Is my investment safe?

I am here primarily for my personal passion and to stay for a long time. My goal is to grow over time, both as an artist and as a project. I don’t do ponzi schemes or junk sales.

Future goals

The collectors’ community

Artistic and poetic growth

Ecosystem of digital and non-digital art and content

The free printed catalog of works for collectors

More in the Atelier